Sports Betting Promotions

When you sign-up to Unibet, you’ll not only gain access to thousands of sporting events with some of the best odds out there, but you’ll be showered with promotions and bonuses to help you get familiar with the sports being offered and all the different bets which are available.

Sports promotions and bonuses vary from time to time and a player signing up in January for might have a different, but equally as generous offer, to a player signing up in the middle of July. We do this for the sole purpose of keeping things fresh, which is why you should mark the Unibet Promotions page as a favourite on your web browser.

We don’t just treat new players to fantastic offers and rewards, we also run a range of online promotions on a regular basis, which includes everything from refer a friend rewards to risk free bets. Needless to say, we also bring some of the best in fixed odds and live betting, with hundreds of sporting events to choose from and a wide range of multiple bet options for live events.

Refer-a-Friend Promotion

The refer-a-friend promotion is one of the only promotion that runs throughout the year. We offer Unibet players’ £40 cash for each player referred through the Unibet refer-a-friend program. The offer is limited to five friends and you can earn a maximum of £200 from this fantastic offer!

Refer a Friend

Price Boosts

There isn’t much too these and they’re very simple to understand. Price boosts are available for certain events and on some teams. Every player betting on the event or team in question will benefit from enhanced odds and the potential payout will be significantly larger.

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In-Play Free Bets

An in-play free bet is a free bet we give away to our players as a reward for betting on a certain event. All ‘in-play’ means is that the bet will be available to be placed only during ‘live betting’. We give away many free ‘in-play’ bets throughout the year, which is why you should always check the Unibet Promotions page regularly to avoid missing out on a free bet!

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Event Based Promotions

Here at Unibet, we like to keep our players happy and what makes people happier than freebies? We’re constantly giving out special promotions and bonuses tied to certain events. Always keep an eye out for upcoming events and tournaments to discover how you can benefit from different sports betting promotions and free bets.

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During the Champions League, we run special price boosts, free bets and other promotions to give a second chance to our players who had their luck cut short early in the event.